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Serial Story

What Can Good Girls Do for the Devil?

Begun as a way to get through the pandemic, now an obsession with an unfolding plot. Read along with us, three times a week, as Frangelica the Tiefling rampages through the classic adventures "Lost Mine of Phandelver" and "Dragon of Icespire Peak" with some saucy homebrew sidequests. 


the Workshop

Game On! is a workshop for writers who want to learn how to use TTRPG rules and concepts to write explosive fiction.

Find out how Joshilyn and Lydia can bring their entertaining presentation to your festival or con. 


Play the Adventure

Your Very Own Village

A system-agnostic one-pager to introduce players to RPGs. A collaborative and rules-light adventure that's great for kids and newbies. Coming soon: more short adventures to make your game nights great and your DM job easy. 


the Writers

Joshilyn Jackson and Lydia Netzer are lifelong gamers and friends.

Established novelists and huge nerds putting out seriously fun content about writing and gaming.



Writing tips and gaming hacks for writers who game and gamers who write. Brought to you by Joshilyn Jackson and Lydia Netzer, totally normal people who write novels and play RPGs.

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