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Our adventures are heavy on story, and we'll give you lots of ideas for how you can make the plot your own. These one-shots are play-tested at our own tables, so we'll help you roll with the unexpected while staying on track. 

Village of Porth.jpg

Level 0

Your Very Own Village

A rules-light system-agnostic one-shot adventure to introduce new players to tabletop role-playing games and teach them to immerse in a game world and plot. Find everything you need to run it in this one-sheet PDF. 

Level 3

The Banshee Bride

A creepy adventure for 3rd level characters who have a burning question to ask the banshee oracle. There'a a mystery to solve and a wrong to right, with ghouls and tragic romance, a haunted mansion and a ghost village. 



Level 1

Nothing Ever Happens in the North

A classic dungeon crawl with a contemporary flavor, based on the traditional pillars: exploration, combat, and roleplay. Puzzles and monsters, surprises and magic. A great intro to D&D for new players. 


Level 7

Battle of the Bards

You are a tightknit, wild and wonderful band. You just got your big break: a slot at the Battle of the Bards in the capital city amphitheater. But you have been kidnapped three days before the show, and must find out who did this to you and fight your way to the contest.  Includes solid mechanics for weaving character backstories into the plot. 


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